We groom all breeds of dogs and cats, we have many different packages available as well as owner designed packages. Skin and Coat health require regular grooming and the correct product for each individual coat and skin characteristics.

     South Paw offers a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners and our staff is trained to determine the best products for your pets skin and coat. We will also use special shampoos prescribed by your veterinarian.

     When you make your appointment please let us know if your dog has any special needs and should be groomed in an in and out situation. Also if your pet is difficult to handle or needs to be muzzled we will require extra time with your pet.



Services Include:


Full Haircut


Hand Blow Dry  (We do not cage dry)


Nail Trimming

Ear Cleaning/Plucking

Paw and Pad Hair Trimming

Anal Glands Expressed(upon request)

Professional Haircut

Bandanna/Bows/Feather Extensions


Bath Service


Hand Blow Dry (We  do not cage dry)


Nail Trimming

Anal Glands (upon request)

Ears Cleaned/Ear Plucking

Bandanna/Bows/Feather extensions



Mini Groom

Includes Full Bath Service

Scissoring the face

Scissoring the feet



Services we offer while you wait.

Nail trims &  Filing

Ear Cleaning

Ear Plucking

Anal Gland expression

Face Trims


























    Hours for the                                           Groomer's Grove



Monday -  7:00 am  -  hours vary

Tuesday -  7:00 am -  hours vary

Wednesday - closed -

Thursday -  7:00 am -  hours vary

Friday -  7:00 am - hours vary

Saturday  -  7:00 am -  hours vary

Sunday  - closed -



    **Evening Hours **

**Available Upon Request**


 Hours May Vary According To

   How Appointments Are Scheduled